How to Make Sure You Take Great Care of Your Boiler

How often do you think about your boiler? Let’s be honest – most of us only think about it when it breaks down. Most of the time it ticks away and does its job, and we don’t really need to pay close attention to it. If your boiler is installed inside a cupboard, you’ll think about it even less, because it isn’t right there in front of you.

With that said, it is smart to spend some time focusing on your boiler every now and then. If you do, you are more likely to get a longer lifespan from it in return for your diligence. Boilers can be expensive, depending on the make and model you go for. When you’ve added in the cost of installation, it involves footing a bill you’d rather not have to pay at any point.

Maybe you are starting to see where this article is going. In reality, the more you can do to prolong the life of your boiler, the longer it will be before you have to think about replacing it.

Make sure your boiler is serviced annually

An annual service is a way of checking every working part of your boiler. An engineer can inspect it for wear and tear, and identify any potential problems that might crop up. In some cases, there could be issues that aren’t yet causing you a problem, but which might do if nothing is done.

For example, if a part is worn and about to give up, the boiler engineer can recommend a replacement is fitted. This means you get a quick repair and your boiler continues to work.

In many cases, though, an annual service simply ensures everything is fine, so you can have confidence in continuing to use your boiler as you did before.

Know how it works

This might sound a bit odd, but bear with us for a moment. If you know how your boiler usually sounds and behaves, you’ll find it easier to identify an issue if one should arise. Let’s be clear – not every issue will involve calling out a boiler engineer. Sometimes you may merely need to reset the boiler, or go through the troubleshooting manual provided with it when you bought it. (Always make sure you keep that manual in a safe place.)

However, if you do all that and you are still getting problems, you will know it is time to call in the experts.

Don’t ignore any problems – regular maintenance is good in the long run

Cars can sometimes continue running even when they have issues, but it only leads to bigger problems in the long run. The same can be said of boiler problems as well. In short, if you know there is an issue with your boiler, call out an expert as soon as possible – even if you still have central heating and hot water working like a charm. If you ignore the problem, it could suddenly escalate and cause further damage to your boiler.

Having a good and reliable boiler engineer on speed-dial means you will always be just one phone call away from speaking to someone who can help, in the event your boiler does let you down. However, if you follow through the steps given above, there is every chance the only time you will see your boiler engineer is when your boiler is due to have its annual service. That’s why it is a great idea to make sure you take good care of your boiler every day of the year.