Boiler Repairs and Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your boiler correctly will go a long way to ensuring that you don’t have to shell out on boiler repairs, or even a boiler replacement. Maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive or take up a lot of your time. In fact, by following some simple guidelines you can keep your boiler running for longer, which could potentially save hundreds of pounds.

Keep your boiler manual handy

The majority of people will throw out or lose their boiler manual. However, this manual could be essential in an emergency situation. If you have got the manual then keep it in a handy location. If you have lost the manual then check the manufacturer’s website – often they will have downloadable manuals.

Gas Boiler Maintenance

  • Winter boiler maintenance :
    Freezing during winter months is the most common issue with boilers, particularly modern condensing boilers. Condensing boilers are designed to limit the risk of freezing, however they can still freeze during very cold weather. If the condensing pipe freezes then you will probably be able to thaw it yourself, however if the boiler does not restart then you will require boiler repairs.
  • Thawing a frozen pipe : If you have a frozen condensing pipe then get a hot water bottle and lay it against the pipe. Alternatively pour warm water over the pipe. Reset your thermostat and see if that has done the trick!

    If your pipe continues to freeze repeatedly then you may need to look at another option. A pipe that is located outside could possibly be moved indoors. Alternatively, replacing the pipe with a wider one or insulating the pipe could prevent the pipe from freezing. It is important to enlist the advice of a trained engineer before conducting any boiler repairs yourself.

  • Preventing your boiler from freezing : Prevent your boiler from freezing by keeping your heating on constantly at a very low heat. This is not the most economical method, which is why it’s important to look at other options if your boiler keeps freezing.
  • Replacing faulty parts : Your boiler may have a faulty or worn part that is affecting its efficiency. Old thermostats, for example, can lose accuracy over time and misread temperature settings. Our emergency plumber will be able to identify faulty parts and then replace or repair them.

Get in Touch with a Emergency Plumber

If your boiler breaks down then it’s important to get in touch with an emergency gas engineer to conduct boiler repairs, or a boiler replacement. At Emergency Plumbers, we can help you out within a short-timescale and offer a cost-effective solution.