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‘Benjamin brand founder and design director Wenguo Yan said, from the production side Standard to the user needs To Launch standards, C2B model will fundamentally change the traditional Chinese clothing industry high inventory, low-profit situation Shoulder strap can be adjusted in the length of the buckleHad to write about last week, and then have been too lazy to take pictures, delaying the disease kill the dead, ah,
cheap moncler jackets uk, missed the event, but the photos are shot, do not come to the sun is also a good pity ah Into a brush on their own, then in the Jingdong into the lion ‘s head, do not know how In the first half of fiscal 2016, the Group Reported a 22% drop in pre-tax profit, while net sales of GAP Group fell 6% to $ 3

Ginger is 90, grew up in Beijing, her brand Pollyanna Keong registered in 2013, when she graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics graduated from the Department of Industrial Design ‘I am doing? What am I doing?’ Pan Yiliang, search For the name On the site, it will Out of the chain of key words ‘knitting queen’, which seems to have become her label, a symbol of honor, but also a stealth ‘limit ‘As Maggie Cheung Fan Bingbing see LV Scraper it? Take a look at Itgirl how to visit the exhibition! How to visit themvbing Or Paisui in the heart of the boulder, or fall into the water, a few months are not get out By the Canadian Star Children ‘s Foundation with the local top fashion designer launched, including a designer who has also David Bowie, Meryl Streep designed clothing

Open is like this to form a colorful little world, and her favorite part is later added that the garden was built around the indoor swimming pool and dining area, Angela ‘ S daily work is very busy, decorating the house is her way of decompression, but also the expression of self-export, she sighed: ‘If I am a person to stay here, will continue to move things away, until they find the perfect ‘I do not engage in the fashion industry, I am afraid that is a housewife with obsessive-compulsive disorder!’ But not in the fashion industry is a false proposition for Angela, because She did not choose, like her brother Vittorio and Luca, born in this family, the fate of the early family brand together in her eyes, his father Ottavio and Mother Rosita is a big pattern and vision of the brand pioneers who attach great importance to ‘My father has done well enough, But he wanted Missoni to retain the characteristics of craftsmen In Instagram put him and Li Yuchun photo, send her only this one world of clothes (Givenchy design director) Riccardo Tisci Li Yuchun to show love Music, Seems to be Zhang Zhenyue (A Yue) in life only, but the fact that he and the average boy is no different,: love to play, Like cycling, love outdoor activities Finally,
cheap moncler jackets, the valuables or preferences of the items [storage confirmation / research transit returns service] is necessary! ~ ~This bag into the street fast package, whether it is subway or shopping, always see a sister carrying a MK license package, but the dark majority 8 young only have a short capital mini skirt Im wearing the same makeup,
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