Is your drain, toilet or sink blocked?

A blocked drain can cause you all kinds of problems. Water can back up into your property or cause damage outside. Suffice to say, the sooner you get the problem resolved the better.

Fortunately, Emergency Plumbers is on your side. We’ve got the equipment, the know-how and the experience to unblock and clear troublesome drains now. Just call us on 07796 345 453 now on our 24-hour response line to take instant action.

Efficient drain clearance by Emergency Plumbers in London

If you’ve got standing water outside your property because of a blocked drain, it could cause untold damage – unless you get it resolved as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, you only need to contact Emergency Plumbers to get a fast response to your drainage issues. Our 24-hour emergency number is always available on 07796 345 453, and just one call will send us on our way to you as quickly as possible.

We have the equipment required to clear all drain blockages, resolving the issue for you and returning things to normal nice and quickly. Isn’t it time you gave us a call?

Expert sink unblocking service

Some sink blockages can be dealt with by the homeowner. However, if you’ve tried and failed with all the usual methods of unblocking your sink – powerful liquids, sink plungers and snakes – it’s time to call our experts in.

Emergency Plumbers can attend your property and resolve the issue using professional equipment. Call now on 07796 345 453 and we’ll get your sink plumbing flowing again in no time at all.

Get your toilet unblocked as quickly as possible with our help

One of the worst situations of all is to find your toilet is blocked. If this should happen, you’ll want a fast solution that only causes minor inconvenience.

The Emergency Plumbers team will be with you as quickly as possible following your call to 07796 345 453. Remember, we’re always available night and day, so if you get up at 2am and find your toilet is blocked, we’re the ones to call. We can handle toilet unblocking throughout the London area, so wherever you are, call us straightaway to solve the issue as soon as possible.

All our work is fully guaranteed

Did you know we guarantee all our work for 12 months following the date the work takes place? This applies to drainage clearance jobs as well as other work. All of which means you have the confidence to call our 24-hour fast response line now if you’ve got a blocked sink, toilet or drain.