Need a Reason to Hire Us? Here Are Three of Them!

We’ve all heard stories about people calling plumbers only to find they never call back, or worse, they come and ‘fix’ a problem only to make things worse. Oftentimes it turns out these people weren’t properly qualified in the first place.

The good news is you don’t have to worry about any of that when you contact us. In fact, if you want a reason to hire us instead of going elsewhere, we can provide you with plenty of them.

3 good reasons to stick with us and give us a call

1. We’re here right around the clock.
We all know that plumbing problems don’t crop up at the most convenient times. For example, a pipe can burst at any time – even at 2am. It doesn’t wait until you have a spare moment to mop up the flood and call an emergency plumber!

That’s why our helpline is open 24/7, so whether you get a problem on Monday afternoon or in the early hours of Sunday morning, we’ll be there to help.

2. We provide a quote at the start – and that’s what you pay when we’re finished.
Part of the problem with hiring plumbers and other trades is that you’re never quite sure what you’ll pay. A quote may not be the final amount you end up paying when the job is done.

We work differently though. We’ll provide a quote and that’s the bottom line – we don’t believe in so called hidden costs, so we don’t include them. When we quote you for the job that needs doing, you’ll know that’s exactly how much you need to pay.

3. We provide you with a guarantee too.
Regardless of the type of work that needs doing – whether it’s a simple job or a complete boiler replacement (or anything in between) – you get a 12 month guarantee. It’s as simple as that. We like to ensure we provide peace of mind at every step, so we work hard to do just that.

How much is peace of mind worth to you?

Calling a plumber is something that is often done in an emergency. This makes it even more vital that you call someone reliable and trustworthy at the first attempt. If you keep our number handy – 07796 345 453 – you can be sure someone is on the other end, ready and willing to help you out, whatever plumbing task you need to have done.