Top 5 Things to Ask An Emergency Plumber Before You Hire Him

A situation which requires an emergency plumber can often be dangerous to a buildings structure and to people in the immediate vicinity. Problems such as gas or water leaks may be beyond most people’s skill set and demand immediate action.

Unfortunately, mainly because of some negative media, hiring an emergency plumber can cause a great deal of unease and stress. Below is a list of questions to ask a plumber to ensure you will get the service you require:

1. What will it cost? The cheapest quote may not necessarily provide the best plumber for the job. However, this will normally be a customer’s number 1 priority. Whilst this is understandable, it is important to strike a balance, the cost shouldn’t be the only factor in choosing an emergency plumber.

Ask the plumber about call-out charges and whether you will be charged on a fixed price or hourly basis. There could also be extra charges for working or call-outs during “unsociable hours”.

2. What are you qualifications? Make sure the plumber is fully licensed and qualified to carry out the work you require. Having sub-standard work done by an unlicensed plumber will most likely lead to further problems and/or poor workmanship.

The plumbing trade is strict with regards to qualifications and licenses. Most will need to be renewed on an annual basis to ensure they are fully up-to-date with the latest practices.

3. Are you fully insured? While qualifications and licenses offer proof of competence and compliance with current regulations, it is always possible for mistakes to occur. This can become more frequent when under pressure in an emergency scenario.

Insurance will cover the tradesman against such mistakes or against any accidents. Without it, you may become liable for any damage caused or injuries sustained due to poor work or the tradesman’s mistakes.

4. How soon can you be here? Because a plumber has agreed to have a look at the job, it does not guarantee he has understood that you want it looked at immediately. Ensure that the emergency plumber can be on the job in an acceptable time-frame. This could be helped by hiring a local tradesman.

5. Are you experienced in this kind of work? The plumbing trade has many specialisations within it and one plumber may be at the top of his field for some aspects but weak in others. As the emergency plumber may be being called in the dead of night, he/she may not be able to seek support from colleagues, making it important to ensure that this individual is fully confident they can carry out a professional and competent job.